Get Pumped Up For the New Quest Publications Fantasy Book Release 2017!

29/04/2017 11:34

Quest Publications released Blood of the Fallen, an adventure fantasy novel, in April 2015. Its sequel, Blood of the Innocent, was released just over a year later in May 2016.


Blood of the Fallen

Poppy Reid was 17 when she started writing Blood of the Fallen, and it was originally self-published before being noticed and republished by Quest Publications.

It tells the story of a Tyran platoon sent to destroy an Elven village. The Tyran priest known as the Seer warns against this venture, claiming that to kill the Elves would mean doom for their people. The greedy and vicious clan leader, Shade, ignores the Seer's claims and launches an immediate attack on the Elf village.

Upon the Seer's request, a soldier named Villid promises to protect the Elf Seer in the hopes of saving his people from the predicted doom. But when he is framed for a crime he didn't commit and he and an Elf girl are thrown together in the chaos, Villid's life changes forever, and he is forced to run from the people he once called friends.

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Blood of the Innocent

Blood of the Innocent was met with positive reviews and many readers of Blood of the Fallen claimed that Reid was only getting better with time.

Blood of the Innocent follows Villid on his journey to gather soldiers to challenge the growing threat of the Darkma in the west. The Vrana people of the northern mountains are not easy to please, and demand he fights in their arena to prove himself and gain their loyalty.

When he receives devastating news of his lover waiting for him hundreds of miles away, fighting the wars becomes the last thing on his mind.

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Blood of the Avenged

Blood of the Avenged is the new title that will be released by Quest Publications. The official release date hasn't been set yet, but it is thought to be sometime in 2017.

Theldiniya has been turned on its head and the balance of power disturbed since. Poverty and chaos plague the land, and it seems the world is ending. Who can rise and stop the destruction? Who will end their pain?

If you’d like to get a taste of Poppy Reid’s writing, download her short story, The Queen’s Alchemist, free on Smashwords (alternatively, it’s $0.99 on Amazon). She also writes nonfiction articles about Japan, travelling, writing, video games and books.

Are you excited for Blood of the Avenged? Because we certainly are!

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