Simon Jones


Simon Jones lives in Cambridgeshire with his wife Adele. A graduate of Cardiff University, he spent ten years working for the Forensic Science Service. He is an author of historical fact and fiction. His first book The Battles are the Best Bits was published in 2012.

Simon's second book Fall of Empires is a historical novel set during the Byzantine-Persian wars of the Seventh Century; an exciting and pivotal period in human history, relatively unexplored by historical fiction. Fall of Empires received over 280,000 reads on the free book sharing site Wattpad and was twice selected as a featured book on the site before being withdrawn for publication in August 2015. It is now published by Quest Publications.

Describing himself as a lover of all things historical, Simon delights in exploring, learning and sharing stories from across the broad canvas of history. He writes a regular blog Slings and Arrows, on which he covers a wide variety of historical topics from the ancient world to the space age.