Fall of Empires

written by Simon Jones


genre: historical fiction

“He did not doubt that his death would plunge the empire into crisis, as dark and chaotic as the waters that waited to receive him.”


For centuries Rome and Persia have fought each other. This will be the last great war between them.  The Roman Empire stands on the brink of annihilation. Its lands are overrun, its armies shattered. Only a truly remarkable emperor will be able to turn disaster into victory.

 Fall of Empires is an epic tale of love, loss, hope and revenge. From the baying crowds of the hippodrome, across the bloody battlefields of the Persian frontier, to the secluded harem of the king of Persia, the action sweeps through an ancient world locked in its last titanic conflict.

At the heart of the story, two young lovers, Anna and Theophanes, are torn apart by the tides of war. Whilst Theophanes finds himself at the centre of events in the struggle between the emperor Heraclius and the cunning Persian general Shahrbaraz, treachery results in Anna being condemned to the life of a concubine in a far-off land. Can they ever be reunited?

Fall of Empires is a fast-paced historical fiction tale which takes place against the backdrop of the last war between Byzantium and Persia. It follows the fortunes of its two young protagonists as their home city of Antioch falls to the forces of the King of Persia commanded by the charismatic general Shahrbaraz. Along with the emperor Heraclius, Shahrbaraz is one of the key historical figures in the story, which is a blend of fact and fiction. The war itself was an epic affair and provides many great set pieces for the action in Fall of Empires. Fall of Empires is the first instalment in a planned trilogy set during a critical era of war, conquest and change in world history, which is rarely explored by historical fiction.