Hamsin: Wind of the East

written by Lefki Sarantinou


genre:historical fiction



"A story that unfolds in the dying days of the Crusades. The Muslim forces are constantly gaining ground against the Christian territories in the Holy Land. The Knights Templar and the Knights Hospitaller are trying to fight back, but they must also overcome their own rivalries. Machinations in royal courts and a Pope who is too weak to react. The betrayal and fall of Orders of Knights. And amongst all this, a family secret which brings a young man to the East. A deep friendship between two knights who overcome the hatred between their Orders. A secret organisation which aims to preserve ancient knowledge, and its sworn enemies who are trying to destroy it. A treasure that must be saved. And just when everything seems lost, a love that comes to save the day 


This is the world of Eleftheria Sarantinou's first novel. The author presents us with a gripping narrative which unfolds in many different places: in the Holy Land, Egypt, Western Europe, Cyprus and Rhodes, and gives us a vivid description of life in the Christian territories in the East, in the knights' castles and in the courts of kings. Above all, it offers a combination of action and mystery which promises to keep you enthralled." 




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