Paradox- Fascinating Anomalies of Science

written by Ted Weimann

genre: Science

PARADOX - Fascinating Anomalies of Science brings a fresh perspective to many of today’s hottest topics in science.  The paradox is frequently ignored by scientists and writers alike.  Here the reader will find a fearless exploration of science, providing a unique view and a deeper understanding of life’s puzzles.


PARADOX will engage you from the start, helping you explore ideas in new, thought provoking ways.  Did you know that the more fuel a star has, the faster it will burn out and die?  Or that even though a child’s brain is smaller, it has 25% more neurons, and 200% more synaptic connections than an adult’s?  Did you know that our brains have substantially decreased in size since the Ice Age?  Are they becoming more efficient like our technology, or are we less intelligent than we used to be?  During the exploration of these paradoxes and many more, you will discover a world of interesting anomalies along the way.  Add to this the inclusion of entertaining stories throughout, and you’ll find PARADOX to be a science book you won’t want to put down.


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